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Our Story

This sweet face you see right up here is the WHOLE reason behind this entire operation.
Molly was more than a pup. She was kind, gentle, fun, talkative, and a shoulder to cry on ( I could go on and on ), but most importantly she was family.  We got 11 amazing years with her and we would NEVER trade them for anything else.

Pawsitivily Pups is our way of giving back to all of our furry friends out there who are not as lucky as Molly was to have a family that loved and cared for them the way they should be.
We are focused on providing support to local Animal Shelters and Rescues  These foundations are just the start as we have hopes to expand and grow with so many wonderful charities and organizations dedicated to supporting displaced pups in need. 

Our way of continuing to support is a little different than just asking folks for donations right from the start.
Molly's Market is our way to thank you, by helping us help pups in need!  Browse our amazing pet-themed shop where a portion of every sale is sent to organizations whose sole purpose is to provide every animal with the support and love they so wholeheartedly deserve.
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